The Sparks Vol 1- de tweede CD van The Sparks

CD The Sparks Vol. 1

Dit is de omslag van de tweede CD genaamd "The Sparks", die werd opgenomen in de "Session Sound Studio " in Rosmalen. Al met al 24 nummers die uit het repertoire van de Sparks gekozen werden.

Songs on the CD:

1. Rain' in my heart
2. You better move on
3. Keep a knockin'
4. Under the boardwalk
5. Love is all around
6. The lonely bull (instr.)
7. Words of love
8. Don't haha
9. Poor boy
10. Lucille
11. What am I living for
12. Telstar (instr.)
13. Rave on
14. Love potion number 9
15. Here comes the night
16. Hello Josephine
17. If you need me
18. Guitar tango (instr.)
19. Heartbeat
20. Ann-Louise
21. If you and I could be as two
22. Bye bye Johnny
23. Slopping in Las Vegas
24. The Boys (instr.)

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